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BRANNGO Strategy and Plans


  • This page is under construction.  Further information on BRANNGO Strategies and Projects will be added when available.

  • Action Plan.  Please follow this link to see the current action plan, which includes output from the 9th October 2019 brainstorming workshop.  This is held in a repository for which separate access permission is required.  Please contact David Morrall ( if you wish to view it.

  • Constitution.  The number of charities, organisations and individuals seeking to help the people of Nepal has increased significantly over recent years, but contact with each other is limited so it is hard to benefit from shared interest and learn from previous experiences.  In 2017 key individuals from some small NGOs working in Nepal therefore agreed to form an informal and flexible networking association whose members are encouraged to share information about their own organisation and its activities and find out about the work of others.   A committee was formed, a constitution created (please click here to view the full constitution) and membership drive started.  The formal launch of BRANNGO took place on the 29th May 2018 at the Nepal Embassy, London.