The Benefits of BRANNGO Membership

  • BRANNGO membership offers immediate access to a large network of individuals and organisations with a common interest in helping the people of Nepal.  As such, it provides unrivalled opportunities to share information, discuss and resolve matters of common concern, and collaborate on planning and execution of plans in order to make best use of the resources available.

  • BRANNGO provides privileged access to information about other UK NGOs working in Nepal, which is shared through an interactive database that is being continuously updated.  Conferences and workshops provide opportunities to hear from subject matter experts working in NGOs, those providing them with specialist support (e.g. fundraising), Nepal and UK Government Advisors and Diplomats on matters such as current policy and government plans, and others such as the Nepal Federation of NGOs (NFN) and the Association of INGOs in Nepal (AIN).

  • Communication and information exchange is the key success factor for BRANNGO.  In addition to organising events, BRANNGO maintains a Facebook Group for online discussion of issues, publishes a newsletter and maintains this website.  These channels for communicating general information are available to non-members, but the details which provide the real benefit - information about other NGOs and their activities; briefings; access to material from conferences and workshops - are only available to members of BRANNGO.

Types of Membership and Costs


  • Associate Membership (£35) For individuals - those who may be working in or Visiting Nepal or wishing to set up an organisation to help Nepal. Associate Membership will also be available to those individuals who have registered a charitable or other organisation that is still within two years of its registration date. They may also wish to be associated with or introduced to other members carrying out similar activities. They will be eligible to attend the annual BRANNGO conference of members, but not the BNS functions unless they have joined BNS separately which they are encouraged to do. They will be entitled to receive BRANNGO advice and information and will be eligible to join the BRANNGO Committee. Associate members will have one vote each at general and special general meetings and will be eligible to be elected to the Committee.


  • Full Members (£35):  As for Associate Members, but in addition full members must apply to become members of the Britain-Nepal Society. Full members may be joint where both persons are members of the same family and each will be eligible to stand for election to the BRANNGO Committee and have voting rights.


  • Group Members - Registered UK Charity (£100):  Registered UK Charities working in Nepal including schools, government bodies and philanthropic organisations.


  • Group Members - Others (£200) Profit-seeking or other organisations wishing to have group membership of BRANNGO.


How to Apply

Please click on the button below to download and application form.  Please complete it and submit it with the relevant payment as indicated.




Data Protection

The BRANNGO database holds personal information primarily in order to contact its current and future members. BRANNGO will only use this information to contact you and to make returns required by law to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and to the various Charity Regulators of the United Kingdom.  BRANNGO is legally bound by GDPR to ensure that any
data that it holds on individuals is relevant, accurate and not excessive. Additionally it must be fairly and lawfully processed, held for definitive purposes, be accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than is necessary, processed in line with your rights and


We shall never sell or misuse any personal data and whilst we do not intend to contact you often we require your formal agreement for us to use the information held for lawful purposes.  By signing the Membership Application Form you confirm that the details provided are correct and give your consent for BRANNGO to process the information for lawful purposes.